Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The comings and goings! OY!

We have been sooo busy at the Smushie Ranch. 

The most exciting thing is that our foster horse, Sequoia found her forever home!  

A little about Sequoia.... The parents strive to keep our blog the most positive and uplifting as possible. But the life of a PMU horse is anything but, so as unpleasant as it is, we'll share.

Sequoia is a rescued PMU horse. PMU stands for 'pregnant mare's urine', which is used to make hormone replacement drugs. PMU mares are kept pregnant and forced to stand in pee lines for most of their lives. A mare normally stays pregnant for 11 months. Six to seven months out of their pregnancy, they are confined to small stalls and hooked up to pee lines. In the pee line, pouches are attached to their urethra to collect their urine. While attached, the PMU horses cannot turn around, lie down or even groom themselves. Some mares are forced to stand for the entire 6 to 7 months.

There is much more information, including what happens to the PMU mare's foal. You can Google it if you want more information. 

Sequoia came to live with us when she was rescued from such a facility. She a big giant draft horse, but gentle as a lamb.

Dad is 6'4", so it gives you an idea of how big sweet Sequoia is.

The parent's very good friend, who owns Shire horses came with her giant draft trailer to help take Sequoia to her new home. 

Judy was makin' sure momma wasn't taking pictures of her butt. That's a big NO NO!

Daddy walked Sequoia from her pasture to her ride home.

The parents get a chuckle out of Judy's license plate! BOL!!

Everyone came down to give Sequoia a proper send off. 

And off she goes to her new forever home where she'll be treated like a queen!

That's not all...

We also got another French Bulldog Rescue Network foster! Woot Woot.  

She's not up on the website yet, so we can say too much about her yet. Except.. she's darn cute!

Okay, we can show ya this much. 

The Smushies


  1. Wow that is nutty. We are so Happee for Sequoia....
    Benny & Lily

  2. Haha! Thanks for the update, Smushies! I had no idea about hormone replacement drugs. Makes me glad I refuse to take them now.

    You all have a wonderful Smushie day!

  3. I'm so happy that Sequoia found her forever home!! Mum laughed at the license plate too! Hee,Hee! Im excited to hear about the new Frenchie Foster! Love, Hugs and Licks from your friend Frank xxxxxx

  4. I had no idea about all this... It's incredibly sad to hear how some people can treat animals... how do they sleep at night? How can they do it day in & day out? Why? And other people don't have a cruel bone in their body to treat animals badly...

    My mom rescues horses when they're found being mistreated in this area... (Owners are sent to prison for making meth & neglected the poor horses, etc) Usually, friends will contact her saying they've found a horse that's been held here or there & they need a temporary home for them until they find a permanent home... Mom usually winds up keeping the horses cuz she just can't part w/ them! But, she only has one of those horses right now, but 3 total! =)

  5. We are so happy for Sequoia.... But how can you leave us hanging like this with the new foster. We are looking forward to seeing the bottom half of the picture soon

    Mochi, Macho, Marshmallow

  6. I'd never heard of PMU horses. It's horrible the way people think they can treat animals. I certainly know right now that I'll never do hormone replacement if it's ever suggested. I'm glad you've shared this, and I'm so glad she's found a wonderful forever farm.

  7. My two cousins have smushie faces. You guys remind me of them! :D


  8. Very happy to know that you are so committed to ponies and pups. I really appreciate you for doing this.

  9. I know Sequoia was very happy with your home and all the attention and love she got. But now I am happy that she has a new home- someone to love her.
    That is very sad- what you said about what they do to the pregnant mare.
    That is no way to live a life!

  10. When the parents learned of Sequoia, momma did some research on the subject of hormone replacement (she's gettin' up there you know...) Anyhooo, momma found that there are many alternatives to the commonly used Premarin. In momma's research she read several medical articles that stated since Premarin has been known to cause cancer in women, production has gone down and as a result many PMU facilities have shut down.

    This is based on momma's research and encourages anyone who wants to know more on the subject to do their own research too. Knowledge is power we always say.

  11. Oh Smushies, what a sad story with a happy ending. I never knew that HRT was made of cruel - pass the yams, please!

    The Good Luck Duck

  12. And, the Ducks snickered at the license plate, too.

    The Good Luck Duck

  13. What a wonderful story, I'm glad to hear that Sequoia has found a forever home, and will no longer be used for drug production.
    I smiled at the license plate too :)
    Oliver said he is happy you have found another foster parent, you need all the help you can get.
    Paws....hi five !

  14. Nooossa, que amigão que vocês cavalo tão bonito!!
    E grandão!..rsrs!!
    Voces devem aproveitar muito esse espaço para brincar muito!!!!
    adorei o cantinho de vocês!!!!

    tambem tenho um bloguinho!
    quando puderem me visitem

  15. Good job you guys! And kudos to the one who adopted Sequoia! It’s a sad, sad, thing what they do to those horses and their young. There should be more ranches like yours that can help save these exploited animals.

    - Darren Lanphere -

  16. I hope all you Smushies are well and happy. I miss reading your adventures.