Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hump Patrol

Being that it's Wednesday, hump day... 

We thought it'd be appropriate to talk about Long Ball Larry and Peggy Sue.

Long Ball Larry is 3 years old and is really very sweet for a bull. Longhorns in general are very docile and sweet cows....  He was hand raised from a baby and is used to people. We've had Larry for almost 6 months now and the parents really enjoy him.  Well, except for the fact that he's kind of an escape artist and on more than one occasion the parents have bolted out the front door because they noticed Larry out on a walk about while cruising past the living room window!

So, about a month ago, mom began looking for a girlfriend for Larry and came across Peggy Sue. She's only 2 years old and considered a heifer because she's never been humped and had a baby.  She's really playful and runs circles around Larry. She even runs up to the parents when they bring feed into the pasture, which scares the crap out of them because they wonder sometimes if she'll bowl them over. 

Long Ball Larry and Peggy Sue are definitely in love. They do a lot of cuddling and flirting...

 But the parents want a Longhorn baby so they wanna see some HUMPING! 

Last week, Peggy Sue finally went into heat so momma actually took her coffee and camera out to the lovers pasture to see if she could capture the magic event. She sat out there for hours!!  Instead, she observed Peggy Sue mount Long Ball Larry a bunch of times. And Larry did try to hump Peggy Sue, but momma said she didn't seem quite ready. *SIGH*...   
Maybe they wanted their privacy. Although, around here we aren't shy about our humping skills. Especially Gunther, aka Sir Humps-a-Lot. 

Momma is hopeful that in the 2-3 days Peggy Sue was in heat, at some point Long Ball Larry made his moves and they made a baby. Being that Peggy Sue is a Heifer, it might take a few cycles before she 'figures out what she's supposed to do'....  Momma marked on the calendar just so we could all keep track. If she doesn't go into heat again then we know there's a bun in the oven! 

Keep your paws crossed everyone!

The Smushies

Pee Ess....  Longhorn cattle are mainly kept as 'pasture ornaments' or to help manage larger herds of cattle because they're so calm. They aren't really used for food.  The parents consider all the animals on Smushie Ranch as pets. Even the chickens are pets, except their eggs, which we all enjoy.



  1. in my younger years, I found that a splash o' Old Spice buhind the ears an' a ice-cold six pack o' PBR always did the trick I tell ya what.

    Just might wanna pass that along tuh Long Ball.

    1. That's very sound advice Hanklin. We have no doubt you were quite the ladies man in your day...

      Momma did try hanging some tasty alfalfa off Long Ball's horns and ears. Peggy Sue seemed to like it, but all it managed to do is give 'em both the squirts. And when we say squirts, picture a garden hose on full blast shooting out of Long Ball's bung hole.

      Anyhoo... we'll suggest the Old Spice for Long Ball Larry and then maybe a little somethin' somthing' for Peggy Sue.

  2. Oh gosh0- it would be so exciting to have a "bun in the over"
    Long Ball Larry and Peggy Sue- look like the perfect couple. We are so happy you got Long Balls a girlfriend, and were happy toooooo, that all the family members are family and not food.

  3. OMD, how exciting! We are keeping our paws crossed!!


  4. I just adore your lifestyle! Mum had always wanted to live on a farm with lots of Puggys, other dogs and farm animals, Dad loves pigs and I heard that before they had me they actually considered getting a pig! Mum used to live right next to a cow field, the black and white cows that lived there also were very good escape artists much like your boy Larry and would end up in Mums front garden! Larry and Peggy both look wonderful, they have such cute faces and noses! I have my paws crossed that they make a baby soon! Love, Licks and Puggy Hugs from Frank x x x x x x

  5. Hoo boy, I can see I need to stick around this blog to find out how all the humpin's going. You can't go just anywhere to read about someone named Long Ball Larry and his humping progress.

    1. BOL Duckie! Well, as you know, sometimes it can get a little monotonous around the ranch... What happens on the ranch, stays on the ranch. That is unless you have a blog. HA!